Auto Vault Miami Membership Points Share

Get behind the wheel of any car available in our collection, all without worrying either about maintenance or storage. With this membership, you purchase points packages (Carbon, Titanium, or Gold packages available) and use these points to drive our cars. When your points diminish, simply purchase more! Forget all the hassles of ownership. All you need is one key to unlock endless driving experiences!

Aside from the collection of exotic, luxury cars our membership provides, The Auto Vault Miami also includes the following benefits in all membership packages.

CarbonPackage1,375 pts


TitaniumPackage825 pts


GoldPackage450 pts


AluminumPackage0 pts

Vehicle Group Season-WK/WKND Days Point Cost
1972 Chevy Camaro V8 Fight Club Winter-WK 2 60
2010 Nissan GTR Modern Marvels Winter-WKND 1 100
2013 Porsche 911 Modern Marvels Winter-WKND 1 100
1975 Jaguar E-Type Iconic Classics Winter-WK 3 120
2012 Audi R8 Elite Class Summer-WKND 1 100
1962 Shelby Cobra Iconic Classics Summer-WKND 2 80
2002 Ferrari 360 Elite Class Summer-WK 4 120
1999 Acura NSX Boy Racers Summer-WK 2 20
2008 Bently GT Elite Class Summer-WKND 1 100
1996 Mazda RX-7 Boy Racers Summer-WK 1 10
1967 Dodge Charger V8 Fight Club Summer-WK 1 15
Total Points Consumed 19 Days 825 Points