We are car enthusiasts just like you! We appreciate the design, engineering and technology it takes to create all cars but there’s a select few of cars throughout history that become legendary and have a lasting impression on us. These are the cars we store for collectors to keep their investments in the absolute best condition with the added flexibility to enjoy them in the modern, fast-paced world.

The Auto Vault is a unique community that blends an exclusive social club with vehicle storage and collection management. Our Miami location incorporates private club space, climate-controlled storage and a dedicated staff for your automotive needs.

We wanted to give car enthusiasts the opportunity store and drive collector cars but we also knew that it takes more than cars to truly create a community. Whether you are a business executive, doctor, lawyer or entrepreneur, we acknowledge the power of networking with like minded people and even impressing clients so we made sure you can network with other members and truly unite car people.

Limited space available.

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